Hospitals and Institutions

Carrying the AA message to the alcoholic “behind the walls,” of various facilities in the TriValley of Alameda County, called Area 53.

We Need Volunteers

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Provide Service Where Needed Most

The only purpose of the Hospital and Institution Committee of Alcoholics Anonymous is to carry the message of AA to the confined alcoholic.

Twelve Traditions in Practice

The activities of this committee are based on, and governed by, the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.


NorCal H&I Committee

Help Valley Service Center stay in the Loop with NorCal Area 53

Intergroup H&I Committee Chair or their representative attends monthly meetings to bring our voice to the regional area and
maintains support with helping our local members be part
of the Hospitals and Institutions needs AA persons
to meet with those who cannot come to AA meetings.

A 9th Tradition service committee

Covers all of Alameda County including El Cerrito Fellowship

H&I Group Rep attends Area Business Meeting

Brings Voice of VSC to NorCal Area 53 H&I Committee

New Speakers, Secretaries need to attend Orientation before attending H&I meeting


Attend regular meetings by going into the institution and providing service.


Provide Sponsorship

Connect with inmates who want to connect with AA sponsors.



Treatment Centers

Share your experience, strength, and hope with those seeking recovery.



Hospital Visits

Visit people during long-term hospital stays who are seeking recovery. 


Online H&I Resources

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H&I NorCal

The AA groups of Area 53 covers all of Alameda County, including the El Cerrito Fellowship. Need any materials for meetings?




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Find An Instituion

There are many institutions in the NorCal Area 53. Find a meeting from the NorCal list.

AA has ceaselessly carried the message of hope and recovery to the alcoholic who is confined.

Never Enough Volunteers For The Many Requests We Receive

From Bill & Bob’s first visits to suffering alcoholics in hospitals, to the first successful institutional meeting at San Quentin Prison in 1942, and to the present day, AA has ceaselessly carried the message of hope and recovery to the alcoholic who is confined.

Whether in a psych unit, transitional living, rehab, or the County Jail, NorCal Area H&I Committee conducts meetings in Alameda County facilities that have requested our services.

There are never enough volunteers to respond adequately to the many requests we receive, and so many opportunities to carry the life-saving message of AA go unfilled. We urge you to join in our efforts to perform this vital work by volunteering.

Share Your Experience, Strength and Hope Today!