General Service District 70 Liaison

Our District 70 Liaison gives and takes reports to and from Valley Intergroup Service Committee (VISC) and District 70 General Service to help us stay informed on General Service Office information.

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General Service District 70

District 70 is 1 District of 23 in the California Northern Coastal Area (CNCA). The District is comprised of General Service Reps from local meeting groups throughout the Southern Alameda area. These GSR’s meet once a month to exchange up-to-date information between individual groups and the General Service Office.

Each local meeting group elects a person to be their General Service Rep (GSR). Each GSR is responsible to attend the District 70 monthly meeting and transmit ideas and opinions, as well as facts for their group conscience to become a part of “the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship,” as expressed in the General Service Conference.

California Northern Coastal Area of Alcoholics Anonymous

CNCA is 1 of 6 A.A. General Service Areas in California, and geographically encompasses coastal counties from the Oregon border in the north, down to San Luis Obispo County.

Our District 70 DCM Chairperson (DCMC) and the District Committee Members (DCMs) of the CNCA 153 sub-districts serve over 2,100 registered groups via their General Service Representatives (GSRs). The Districts and the Area communicate through our GS District 70 Liaison.

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