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About VISC

The Valley Intergroup Service Council (VISC) was formed by the groups in
Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Sunol to coordinate their
efforts and thus be more effective in their primary purpose: “To Carry the

Here’s How It Works: Following Concept I, “Final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA World Services should always reside in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship”, our Intergroup is an upside-down organization.
▶︎The groups are on the top and the advisory committees are on the bottom.
The Intergroup Representative (IGR) is elected by their group.
           ▹They attend the monthly VISC meeting, which keeps a two-way flow of information going between the Valley Service Center (VSC) and the groups.
           ▹They attend the business meeting of their group and ask for suggestions, comments, and opinions to take to the next VISC meeting.

To achieve its purpose of strengthening AA’s unity, VISC has several special committees and liaisons.
▶︎One committee is the Board, which serves as the standing committee of the VISC.
         ▹The Board is the advisory arm of the VISC concerning the business and administration of the Valley Service Center and makes recommendations to the VISC regarding the VSC operations.
          ▹The Board follows Concept I of the Twelve Concepts of World Service, as an upside down structure, with the AA groups holding ultimate responsibility and final authority The Board of Directors are elected at the VISC meeting by IGRs.

The VSC is maintained by the VISC.
▶︎The VSC mission is to assist member AA groups in their primary purpose of carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.
         It provides communication between the groups regarding the delivery of the Twelfth Step message and other local events and activities. (Intergroup Representatives Handbook,  Valley Intergroup  Service Center of Alcoholics Anonymous, May 2018.)

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Intergroup Representative's Handbook

What does an intergroup representative do? Who is a part of Valley Intergroup Service Committee?




By Laws

The purpose of the Valley Intergroup Service Council (VISC) shall be to provide services to
Alcoholics Anonymous groups primarily within the Tri-Valley area, that their members may stay
sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.


VISC Board

There shall be a standing committee of the VISC to be known as “The Board.” The
Board shall consist of the current Intergroup Chair, the immediate past Intergroup-Chair of the
VISC, five (5) other persons Officers of the Board. Officers of the Board shall have five (5)…

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