Young People in AA

Our Young People group is usually called EBYPAA for East Bay Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous. For 2023 since they are hosting the Western Area Conference Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous, they are known as WACYPAA. Visit their website for more information.

You Are Not Too Young

Young people in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) face unique challenges when it comes to recovery. AA has a long history of providing support and guidance to those struggling with alcohol addiction, but the specific needs of young people are often overlooked. This article will explore the role of AA for young people, as well as its use cases and potential benefits. It will also examine how young people can access support from AA and the challenges they may face along the way.


East Bay Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous is EBYPAA. It is the group of mostly young people who attend meetings to discuss their recovery. Young people can attend any meeting and learn how to deal with the desease of alcohism, however, young people also like to hold events and activities with other AA Young People to keep life fun and vibrant.

You can learn more about EBYPAA by clicking the button below.

Western Area Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

WACYPAA is coming to Oakland CA. Join us at the Oakland Marriott for an incredible weekend of speakers, panel meetings, marathon meetings, events and more from December 28-31, 2023